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Neville George DeAngelou
BSEE, MBA, Eta Kappa Nu

Host & Executive Producer, The Journey - Your Global Digital Radio Show

An award-winning author, warm and passionate, insightful and intellectual, an exciting keynote speaker, Neville engages fascinating guests from all walks, professions and vocations with fresh, unique perspectives, novel ideas and solutions to issues that genuinely matter.

Formerly Chief Of Staff (MCI Network Engineering & Planning) and Chief Of Staff (Global Network Engineering, Verizon Business), Neville is the founder and Head Coach of RyoSports. As a Career Coach and a Youth Mentor his primary goal is enabling each individual to tap that genius within.

Neville has served on several University Engineering Boards and Commitees, is a founding member of the TEXTec Consortium and Executive Ambassador of RyoGroup.


Will travel up to 3000 miles from Dallas, Texas



  • Coaching
  • Collaboration
  • Education
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Overcoming
  • Personal Growth
  • Recruiting
  • Sports
  • Storytelling
  • Technology

Top 6 Most Popular TOPICS

Neville DeAngelou is an eminently transformative entertaining speaker able to engage all size audiences on each or any of the noted specialty interest topics and issues, facilitated and presented as is suitbale to a client or organization's needs and preference.

You may also select or request one of his acclaimed specialized topics.

Here are the top 6 most popular unique topics your audience will enjoy. Also available are his practical sessions on bullying, domestic violence and child abuse.

NOW Is Your Time To Begin
I Dreamed Of A Man - A WHOLE Man! And He Came.
How To Beat The Odds Each & Every Time
It's Done Done!!!
That Ain't Street Smart; That's Just Dumb
Trapped By The Second Most Powerful Word In The Universe!


It's NOT Love! It's NOT Discipline! It's NOT Manning-Up. It's just PLAIN WRONG and most often PURE EVIL! The Time To Stop Is NOW!

STOP Bullying! STOP Domestic Violence! STOP Child Abuse.


A powerful motivational, inspirational and informational speaker, Neville DeAngelou will capture your imagination, ignite your passion, enlighten you, and sparkle your event in delightfully memorable ways.

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