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Editorial Services


Editorial Services


RyoGroup provides solutions, services and ancilliary support to indie, self-published and other authors.


RyoGroup Self-Publishing Author Services include

  • Pre-publishing guidance to help emerging authors get started.
  • Publishing expertise including editiorial, design, illustrations and more.
  • Distribution through some of the most widely shopped online book retailers such as Amazon.com, BN.com and Apple's iBooks Store.
  • Fomatting available in paperback, hardcover and e-book.
  • Narration & Audiobook Production services.

Writer Development

  • Author Learning Center provides online course, webinars, podcasts articles targetted at writer development.



Request A Quote for Solutions Offered

To request-a-quote for other author services, book projects, presentations, proposals, speechwriting and other similar services, select from the panel to your left.



Important Notice

RyoGroup respects free speech. RyoGroup applauds and encourages the stretch of creativity and innovation in every direction.

Your RyoGroup Professional Team refrains completely from engaging, participating, judging, or performing any submitted works considered

  • illegal
  • hateful
  • abusive
  • racist
  • agist
  • mysogynistic
  • homophobic
  • heterophobic
  • pornographic
  • or the like.

We respectfully request you allow us to serve you in other available ways we can enjoy with you.






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