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Dr Michel Abuobeid

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Your Health Check

Dr. Michel Abuobeid
DDS, DMD, Rutgers


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Orthos Boutique Smile

Dr. Mike Obeid is proud to carry on the orthodontic legacy passed on to him by his grandfather, a dentist, and father, an orthodontist. They instilled in him not only a love for orthodontics, but also a passion for those in his community who need love and assistance in life. He is involved with several outreach and interfaith groups through his church, has launched a young professionals ministry organization, and looks forward to finding tangible ways to reach out to his community of Southlake, TX.

Dr. Mike was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and is fluent in French, Spanish, and Arabic. He enjoys traveling the world and encountering new places, and his favorite cities include Beirut, Rome, and Mexico City

Is your sleep problematic? Your poor sleep may be due to the positioning of your jaws; your health issues exascerbated by how you chew; your immune deficiency prolonged by the way you smile.

The Benefits of an Authentic Smile

Boosts the immune system, because the whole body relaxes during each authentic smile.

Improves the mood; it's contagious; its preads joy.

It projects confidence.

A Healthy Chewing Habit is Vitally Important

There are many benefits to chewing food properly; it is the first step of the digestion process. Chewing breaks down food in the mouth before it is swallowed to be mixed with enzymes in the stomach, continuing the breaking down of foods to provide energy.

Improperly chewed food may not be adequately broken down in support of whole health. According to Healthline, people who don't chew their food well enough before swallowing it often develop digestive problems and are at greater risk for choking, aspiration, malnutrition and dehydration. Chew foods slowly.

How many times should you chew each mouthful of food?

It is commonly advised to chew each mouthful of food on averager 32 times. Harder foods, such as steak and nuts, require up to 40 chews; softer foods such as watermelon can breakdown in as few as 10 to 15 chews.

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