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A serious question haunts men today. In today's featured AUDIOBOOK, first in the 'I Dream You' series we encounter a Breed Beyond The Hero! This brilliant story is an epic adventure & a Master Class.

The Hunks I Dreamed by Neville DeAngelou

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Is there an ESSENTIAL Shift in progress? Are we evolving into a new sense of manhood, or not? And what would this all mean?


I am putting this simple question to different age groups of men and women.

I'll be compiling their responses and sharing it along with my assessment back to you.

How would you answer my question:


What makes a man A Man?

The Hunks I Dreamed

David DeGideo, Producer

Here is a sample of four random responses to this question I'm recieving from men and women on the city streets.
From Women: what makes a man, a Man?
"He is fearless."
"He is self-sufficient."
"He is self-oriented - not for others."
"They are restless in their pursuit to provide for others."
From Men: what makes a man, a Man?
"Hard work."
"Family care!"
"James Franco."
Take a wild guess what is the most frequent response I am getting from men on the street (it isn't listed up there!)


This show is going to be very interesting for sure!



What makes a man A Man?

How long will it take you to make a million dollars?




You've Gotta LISTEN to this!

Bowfoot Peter


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